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World and City Maps provides a searchable Google Maps world
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available on Internet.

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The Google Street View service, i.e. to activate Street View on any city, drag above the Zoom feature the yellow little man in the map.

The shape of the Earth has remained unchanged, for millions of years, but not so its map. The map of the world is constantly changing as the boundaries of countries change. The boundaries of old countries crumble, only to form new ones, yet others merge to form new, larger countries. Wars and conflicts constantly redraw the boundary lines of our world map, World War II is perhaps the best example of this.

In modern times, technological advances have made us all neighbours. A single touch on the key pad, and people thousands of miles away are right before us in an instant. The world is shrinking to a large village – a global village. Even then geographical boundaries do exist. A better understanding among people about every land, its people, its way of life is definitely a need of the hour.

World and City Maps provides a searchable world gazetteer based on Google Maps, the most comprehensive Online Satellite imagery ever available on Internet. More than 2.200.000 cities all over the world are divided into continents, countries and administrative regions.

World and City Maps also provides detailed time zones and daylight map for free of charge. This Satellite map page is your site for searchable interactive maps based on Google. These Goolge satellite maps provide you with up to date and comprehensive images from all around the world; finding the exact information you need is easy with the guide by continent and countries, furthermore, you can also do detailed searches for the exact interactive maps you need.

These world maps will show you satellite imagery as well as terrain, giving you accurate information for your travel and geographical curiosities. World and City Google Maps is here for you, do not wait, explore the World now!

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